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So I was out at the bar earlier tonight….
Now I’m home alone, drunk and posting about a chick with huge fake tits….
See, I met her at the bar and she TOTALLY reminded me of this ex GF I used to bang….
That had the biggest set of fake tits I have ever seen….
Or shot a load of cum on LOL!
Anyway, most of the time when I meet a slut in the bar and wanna nail her….
I run my game on about how I build porn websites with pics of amateur tits and shit like that….
And these sluts go all nuts, wanting to be on my site and shit….
But the one tonight was different and wasn’t buying my line…..
Though she WAS drinking everything I threw at her…
So anyway, I was stuck digging out an old pic for you guys to look at….
And jacking off all alone….

Awesome UnderBoobage Pic of a Redhead GF

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This here redhead GF with big natural tits has GOTTA be one of my faves of all time….
I fucking LOVE underboobage and trust me, this babe had PLENTY of it….
I snapped this amatuer GF tits pics kinda down between my legs….
As I was slammin her shaved pussy doggystyle….
Cuz that was her favorite way to do it….
I was down for it as long as she kept her tight firecrotch pussy shaved bald for me….
So I could lick it and make her squirt whenever I wanted to….
She used ta LOVE it when I’d tonguefuck her hot asshole too….
Damn! It’s been awhile since I thought about this hot redhead babe with big natural tits….
I kinda miss her now…..
But at least I still got all the pics and homemade videos we made back when she was my GF…..
You’ll hafta click the tits pic up there to see them all, so fucking GO FOR IT!

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Because I am an equal-opportunity horndog when it comes to getting my amatuer tits pics….
Don’t think for a minute I won’t make some poor chump’s wife my GF long enough to get what I need….
I nailed this hot blond wife with big boobs six (even 69 way LMAO) ways from Sunday one Friday night….
We gave that big bed a serious fucking workout and she was wearing her Valentine’s Day lingerie….
Which needed to be dry-cleaned TWICE by the time we got done….
I plastered her big boobs with so many loads we BOTH lost count- many more than her hubby could manage….
My new wife GF told me it had been so long since her perfect tits had been properly appreciated…..
And I was MORE than happy to oblige, fondling kissing and sucking those nice tits til her neglected pussy was dripping wet….
And take a look at those lips- wife GFs have forgotten more about giving head than most younger chicks even know….
So thank me later for the sacrifices I go through to get you these amatuer tits pictures….
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I went WAY back into the archives of my amatuer tits pics and came up with this old brunette GF….
She was a bridesmaid in a college buddies wedding a few years back….
The first time I met her was at the rehersal dinner and lucky me….
I got to walk down the aisle with that MASSIVE set of boobs….
The pic you see here was taken at the dinner….
But I got a LOT more tits pics I took later on that night back at my place….
She was horny and single, and I was bouncing back and forth between a couple different GFs….
There was an open bar at the dinner and we both got pretty hammered drunk….
Well, fuck- I just HAD to unleash them puppies and get them huge boobs bouncing in my face….
Oh- don’t think her head didn’t do a little bouncing in my lap, either…..
In fact- we had our own limo after the wedding ceremony and I got more than one ride that afternoon!

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