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Amatuer Tits Pic of My Brunette GFs Huge Boobs

a dark hairwed gf hottie with massive boobs

I went WAY back into the archives of my amatuer tits pics and came up with this old brunette GF….
She was a bridesmaid in a college buddies wedding a few years back….
The first time I met her was at the rehersal dinner and lucky me….
I got to walk down the aisle with that MASSIVE set of boobs….
The pic you see here was taken at the dinner….
But I got a LOT more tits pics I took later on that night back at my place….
She was horny and single, and I was bouncing back and forth between a couple different GFs….
There was an open bar at the dinner and we both got pretty hammered drunk….
Well, fuck- I just HAD to unleash them puppies and get them huge boobs bouncing in my face….
Oh- don’t think her head didn’t do a little bouncing in my lap, either…..
In fact- we had our own limo after the wedding ceremony and I got more than one ride that afternoon!

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Revenge Pics of My Bitchy Ex-GFs Small Tits

revenge picture of a bitchy small tits brunette ex GF

By now, you guys KNOW I love GF tits of all sizes….
Cute little perky tits and great big huge boobs just the same….
But I was bangin the chick you see in the pic here….
A dirty little brunette with really small tits….
And she got all uptight and shit when she caught me chattin up this huge boobs hottie on my webcam….
I’m all like, “Whatever bitch- you know the rules- I does what I wants to do”….
But she was way pissy as hell because she was all jealous and shit of the huge boobs hottie and her big tits and fine ass….
So I booted her ass to the curb cuz I got no time for shit like that when it comes to GFs tits and shit….
Me and that blond big tits hottie been chattin a LOT lately….
And I’ma hook up with her soon and lay my pipe down between them huge boobs and splatter ‘em with a big load of nut…..
When I do, you can bet your ass you’ll have the amatuer tits pics to check out here…..
In the meantime, look at my bitchy EX-GFs small tits and skinny ass HERE….
And peep a peek at my huge boobs hottie Janyne on her cam- she’s prolly there now!

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Long Brunette Hair, Squirting Shaved Pussy and Small Tits

picture of my brunette amatuer GF with small tits and long hair

Though they say “gentlemen” prefer blonds….
I am most definitely NOT a gentlema n and I prefer any kind of amatuer GF slut….
Willing to show off her tits, small or otherwise….
THAT’S why you get to see this particular brunette GF today….
Her small tits are a perfect mouthful….
And her tasty shaved pussy is a meal in itself….
Just after she posed for these amatuer pics of her GF tits….
I fucked the holy living PISS out of her and caught the whole thing on homemade video….
See, this one of my MANY amatuer GFs can squirt pussy cum and LOVES to do it….
So I put a Ziplock on the camera lens (and on my one-eyed wonder, just in case)…..
Set up the camera and let the chips fall (and spray) where they may….
I got the WHOLE scene on tape and it’s waiting for you to watch….
So hit up the link below and watch my small tits amatuer GF unload ALL OVER ME!!!

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A Hot Brunette GF with Small Tits

hot amatuer gf with small tits and brunette hair

Today I hadda share with you one of my FAVE brunette GFs….
She’s got small tits but a great tight shaved pussy….
She loves for me to lick it as much as I love spending hours down there doing it….
Sorry to get all sidetracked on pussy and shit…..
Cuz this is supposed to be about all my GFs tits….
Her seriously, her tight pussy is DA BOMB lemme tell ya….
I love to make her squirt cum all over….
Anyway, this here amatuer GF pic shows what she looks like when she cums….
When I eat her shaved pussy out in the shower…..
Wanna see what her small tits look like after I cum????

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